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A comfortable spot with familiar surroundings that you can return to year after year with friends and family, a place to create the memories and experiences that gives rich meaning to our lives.

Financial experts say it is wise to protect precious savings by diversifying investments across asset classes and markets. With our stronger Canadian dollar and the current market turmoil in the USA, the opportunity in real estate investment is NOW.

Whether you are busy working through your peak earning years or winding down into retirement, having others help with risk-management and the responsibilities of owning recreation property would give you more time to enjoy.

Getting expert professional advice from accountants, lawyers and realtors can be expensive but absolutely essential when dealing with unfamiliar jurisdictions.

Doesn’t it make sense to share these costs ?

These are just some of the opportunities available with when you invest in recreational real estate with Tropica Properties.

Properties shown are intended to represent recreational real estate in general and are not specific properties owned by Tropica.

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