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The boom in recreational real estate is already well underway with people participating in a variety of formats such as timeshare, fractional ownership and outright personal purchase. Tropica Properties Inc. is designed as a vehicle to capture more advantages than some other approaches.

Timeshare – offers excellent flexibility and a wide range of locations but it provides zero investment return despite the earnest promises of sales agents. Tropica Properties Inc. is designed with investment return as the highest priority.

Direct Ownership – provides maximum potential investment return but that is achieved at the expense of maximum investment risk, high costs of ownership including inefficiency in usage and no variety of vacation experience.

Rental Pools – many developments offer a solution to the problems of personal ownership through rental pools. While the Tropica concept has similarities, what is missing with Tropica are the huge fees usually associated with developer/property manager offerings.

Tropica is your opportunity to combine an investment profit from the rise in recreational real estate, with a variety of future vacation choices, at a much lower cost than other offers in the market.



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